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Jet Li Asian Kungfu Master Actress

Kung Fu Master actress Jet li/ Li Lian Ji was born in Heibei, Beijing, China on April 26, 1963. At the age of 8 he began his life long commitment to the martial arts when he enrolled at the Beijing Wushu Academy. By the time Jet Li was 11 he had already won the national championship.

After holding the championship for 5 years, he became a national coach. At the age of 20 he took his abilities to film when he appeared in Shaolin Temple. Jet Li has starred in a number of Chinese films including My Father is a Hero, Bodyguard from Beijing and Once Upon a Time in China. One of his most noted characters has been Wong Fei Hung, a Chinese folk hero who is said to be a kung fu master.

Jet Li broke into Hollywood with 1998’s Lethal Weapon 4. His first starring effort came in Romeo Must Die. English speakers around the world delighted at this film, and are excited for more. Seeing that Jet Li is currently studying English 4 hours a day, seems as if more films are on the way.

Jet Li is married with 3 children, two from a previous marriage. His name is mentioned along with Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat as the most popular actors in all of Asia.

Taiwan Male Actress-Wu Chun

Wu Chun, real name Goh Kiat Chun, was born in Brunei of Chinese descent. He was discovered when he traveled to Taiwan and was asked to become a main character (despite his then-lack of Mandarin fluency) in the Taiwanese drama Tokyo Juliet, with which he shot to fame. Later, he also joined the popular Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit. Prior to entering showbiz, he was a model and fitness instructor. He graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and later opened his own gym Fitness Zone back in Brunei. In 2006, he starred in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu which was one of the top rating dramas and has seen his popularity soaring Asia-wide.

* Name: Wu Chun (Wu Zun)
* Real name: Goh Kiat Chun
* Profession: Actor, singer, and model
* Birthdate: 1979-Oct-10
* Birthplace: Brunei
* Height: 181cm
* Weight: 73kg
* Star sign: Libra
* Blood type: O
* Family members: Dad, older sister, older brother
* Music group: Fahrenheit
* Talent agency: Comic International Productions Co., Ltd.

TV Series
* Lan Qiu Huo as Wu Ji Zun (CTV, 2008)
* Romantic Princess as Nan Feng Jin (CTV, 2007)
* The X-Family as Huo Yan Shi Zhe (GTV, 2007)
* Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu as Zuo Yi Quan (CTS/GTV, 2006)
* Tokyo Juliet as Ji Feng Liang (GTV, 2006)
* KO One as Tian Hong Guang (GTV, 2005)

TV Show Theme Songs
* Fahrenheit & S.H.E – Xin Wo, Romantic Princess (2007)
* Fahrenheit – Chu Shen Ru Hua, The X-Family (2007)
* Fahrenheit – Bu Hui Ai, The X-Family (2007)
* Fahrenheit – Chao Xi Huan Ni, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (2006)
* Fahrenheit & Hebe – Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue, Tokyo Juliet (2006)
* Fahrenheit – Yi Ge Ren Liu Lang, KO One (2005)

* Education: RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (Major in Business Administration)
* Languages: Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Malay, Cantonese
* Record label: H.I.M International Music

Chow Yun Fat Cool Photos

Hong Kong male actress Chow Yun Fat was born in Lama Island on May 18, 1955. He left the island at 16 for the Kowloon Peninsula, where he drifted from from job to job - bell boy, waiter and many others before landing work as an extra at Hong Kong´s largest TV company, TVB. Then Chow Yun Fat enrolled in the actor´s training program, which was to lead him to appear in over 300 hours of television. The most successful of these shows was a series called Shanghai Town which was to make him a household name throughout South East Asia.

He became one of the East´s hardest working actors, starring in many excellent films including Hong Kong 1941 (1987); Love Unto Waste for director Stanley Kwan; Triads: the Inside Story for Taylor Wong (1988) and his own Favorite, Autumn Tale for Cheung Wun Ting. In all these films Chow´s extra ordinary dramatic range was made abundantly clear. In 1989, reunited with John Woo , Chow´s international reputation was finally secured with The Killer, an astonishing parable of violence, betrayal, vengeance and redemption which relied heavily upon the chemistry between director and leading man. Following this he took the role of idiot savant in Wong Jing´s God of Gamblers, which spawned a host of imitations. He then returned to work with Woo on Once A Thief, a dynamic action comedy, before the pair spent almost a year between 1991 and 1992 making the high-calibre shootout flick Hard Boiled, which has brought the director long overdue international recognition.

Chow Yun Fat rejoined Ringo Lam to make Full Contact, a grittily violent film which showed him in leaner, meaner form. The colourdrenched shootouts and explicit yet stylized violence once again rejuvenated the stagnant gangster genre. Since then Chow has starred in Treasure Hunt (1994), an odd hybrid of comedy and crime story which does see him briefly exhibit his cool, charismatic style on the right side of the law for once; and he after that completed the official sequel to God of Gamblers, directed by Wong Jing, and in 1995 he starred in the Woo produced gangster movie Peace Hotel. He is know making his American debut with The Replacement Killers (1997).

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Andy Lau Hot Male Asian Actress

Top Asian Star Andy lau was born on September 27, 1961 in Hong Kong is a Hong Kong famous male artist. Although top asian star Andy Lau Tak-Wah is now a very famous actor and singer around Asia, he was born to a poor family in rural town Taipo in New Territories, Hong Kong. For two years, 10-year old Andy had to wake up early at 3 am to make eight trips everyday to fetch water for his family. It was not until 1980 that Andy sign up for TVB's 10th Acting Academy and became an actor. He also started his singing career in 1985.

Born Tak-Wah Lau into a life of poverty, Andy entered TVB's 10th Acting Academy in Hong Kong when he was about 18 years old (in 1980), beginning his career on a television series. Not content, though, he soon discovered film – or rather, the world of cinema discovered him. After landing a couple of bit parts, he got his first lead role in 1982's Lit Ying (Boat People) – the film's success entrenched Andy's status as popular movie star. Continuing to act both for film and television, he became one of TVB's prestigious Five Tigers, along with four other actors; but by 1988, Andy left TVB to work exclusively in film. That year he was nominated for Hong Kong's Golden Statue Award for his role in Wong Kar-wai's As Tears Go By. His career took a meteoric turn, and by 1995 he made a hugely popular film, Full Throttle, which was to become his highest-grossing box office hit. With over 90 films to his credit, Andy is nothing short of a sensation – his newest films, Love on a Diet and Full Time Killer, premiering next week, show that Andy Lauis not slowing down anytime soon.

Andy Lau has a second, and equally prosperous career as a musician, which he began in 1985. With countless albums in Mandarin and Cantonese, he's also done compilation albums and soundtracks, and has completed a Karaoke and VCD collection. He's also a big Elvis fan, and cherishes a large collection of the American legend's CDs. A role model like The King himself is surely a tough act to follow, but Andy Lau, also a film star and musician extraordinaire, has done the seemingly impossible. Move over Elvis.

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Rainie Yang Hot Asian Actress Photos

Name: 楊丞琳 (杨丞琳) / Yang Cheng Lin
English name: Rainie Yang
Also known as: Ah Lin / Lin Lin / Xiao Cheng Lin / Cheng Lin / Yeung Sing Lam / Lily
Birthdate: 1984-Jun-04
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Profession: Actress, singer and host
Height: 162cm
Weight: 42kg
Star sign: Gemini
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Blood type: A

Rainie Yang started acting when she was 14-years-old, appearing in movies and commercials in Hong Kong. At 15, she auditioned for a girl band to be launched by BMG Records called "4 in Love" and passed with flying colors. From then on, she was called "Rainie" to fit in with the weather-based named girls of the group; she was originally called Lily in the industry. She moved to Taiwan and pursued her acting career as she lived with her co-band members under one roof.

She starred in various dramas starting with the mega blockbuster Meteor Garden where she played a supporting, yet pivotal role as the cute Xiao You (Hana Yori Dango’s "Yuki" Chinese counterpart). The rest is history as she proceeded on to be a much-loved leading lady by respectable men and starred in more bankable dramas. Unfortunately, in late 2002, 4 in Love had to disband. Windie and Sunnie proceeded with their studies and Cloudie pursued becoming a stewardess. Rainie was left in the E-circle.

Continuing as a solo artist, she reached new heights and levels with a different job- as a host. She discovered her hosting skills with the hosting jobs she did left and right. She became a host without disrupting her acting career where she also received many projects. She continued singing by performing on the OSTs of her dramas. 2005 was a pivotal year for Rainie. Her leading TV series "Devil Beside You" (恶魔在身边) with Mike He brought her song Ai Mei absolute success.

Rainie Yang holds the record as the first Chinese newcomer to achieve platinum status with her debut album My Intuition Ai Mei.
rainie yang

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Stephen Chow-Comedy Artist

Stephen Chow Sing-Chi was born in Hong Kong in June 1962. His childhood was comparatively gentle,and he was fascinated by BruceLee, much like other children his age. Stephen Chow was 9 years old in1971 when Bruce Lee's triumphant Hong Kong film, "The Big Boss"debuted. This was Bruce Lee's introduction to the movie-going public inHong Kong and it was huge hit. Many children in Asia and around the world looked up to Bruce Lee, and Stephen was no different. Because Stephen respected Bruce Lee, he began to study martial arts. And it issaid that Stephen's friends were sometimes made to call him "smalldragon."

Stephen and his friend Tony Leung Chui-Wai auditioned for TVB (a television station in HongKong) acting school, in 1982, after graduating high school. However, he became a student of the night class by an acquaintance's introduction.Waise Lee Chi-Hung, of "A Better Tomorrow" fame, was a fellow classmate. The next year, Stephen was singled out to be the master ofceremonies of the children's program "430." Stephen was not fond ofchildren and this made it very difficult for him, but he took anunusual.attitude and faced a child in the program. His behavior became popular and he worked on this show for five years. He went on to variety programs and so on for several years after that, and gained more popularity and moved more to small parts from the "life trip" to the drama.

Stephen worked with Alex Man Chi-Leung and learned acting tips from Alex's advice. (Stephen played with Alex Man Chi-Leung in his movie debut, "He Who Chases After the Wind.") In 1988, Danny LeeSau-Yin (actor/director/producer whose most famous role is that of Chow Yun-Fat's cop pal in John Woo's "The Killer") cast Stephen for one of the leads in the movie "Final Justice." Stephen went on to win the Best Supporting Actor award of the Taiwan Academy Awards. It was his first film. His "Sit down, and drink tea, and eat even a manju" saying became popular.

Stephen appeared in both movies and TVB dramas for a while. His film parts increased gradually. At last , 1990's "All For The Winner" (a parody of Chow Yun-Fat's "God of Gamblers") was a huge hit. This film went on to break the Hong Kong box office record. After the runaway success of "All For The Winner," Stephen's films consistently ranked at the top of the box office. In fact, Stephen Chow is the number one top-grossing Hong Kong film actor of the 1990s. In comparison, by total box office, Jackie Chan takes 2nd place, but Stephen's films outgross Jackie's by as much as double. And Stephen made 29 films from 1990 to 1993.

Stephen's performance style at the time of "All for the Winner" was called "Mo-Lei-To," which translates as "Makes No Sense." This style established his popularity in the 90's as a comedy actor. His roles ranged from high school undercover detective in 1991's "Fight Back to School," period lawyer drama in 1993's "Justice, My Foot!" and period comedy in 1993's "Flirting Scholar." Stephen accomplished a great success at the box office, winning top spot for four consecutive years in Hong Kong . Of the above 3 films, only "All For the Winner" has been released in the theatres in Japan.
In interviews, Stephen has expressed interest in other aspects of the production of his films, taking on a role more than just as an actor. He challenged the first director of his.
In 1997, he became a hot topic with the success of "God Of Cookery." His popularity is set to explode soon.

Stephen Chow visited Japan three times formally in 1996, for the Yu-bari Fantastic Film Festival in February and the Tokyo International Film Festival in October.

stephen chow

Top Male artist-Aaron Kwok

Top Male artist Aaron Kwok Fu-Shing (Chinese: 郭富城; Pinyin: Guō Fùchéng; Cantonese: Gwok3 Fu3 Sing4; born October 26, 1965) is a popular Hong Kong singer and film actor. The Chinese media refer to Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Leon Lai as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings. He's been dubbed "Hong Kong's Michael Jackson" for his onstage dancing displays.

After graduating from secondary school, Aaron Kwok worked as a junior staff in King Fook Gold & Jewellery Co. Ltd. as his father wished for him to gain experience in the business with the view of handing over the family business, a small gold retail store.

However, in 1984, Aaron Kwok joined a dancer training course at HK-TVB, where his talent for dancing was immediately recognized. There, Aaron Kwok performed in music videos and variety shows. In 1985, Kwok's outstanding performance in a pageant show was spotted. He was transferred to the acting department of the talent training course and became a TV actor, where he played a few bit parts in TV dramas.
Fame came calling when he became a toyboy for a rich widow and was recommended for works like a Taiwanese motorcycle advertisement in the early 1990s, and he burst into the music scene with his now famous song 'Loving You Forever'. The next few years saw his popularity reach fever-pitch, and he was soon ranked alongside the most popular artistes of the time.

Aaron Kwok is presently one of Hong Kong and Asia's most prominent popstars. Over the last decade or so, Kwok has won over a hundred music awards. Aaron Kwok is also one of the Four Heavenly Sky Kings alongside Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Jacky Cheung. As a solo performer, he's played to over 200 sell-out concerts in Hong Kong, China, and around the world, and the choreography for his stage performances has won him international acclaim.
Being a diverse artiste, Kwok has indulged in other mediums such as TV commercials and film acting, most notably in Andrew Law's The Storm Riders. Kwok has also done extensive public service and charitable work, for which he was amongst the winners of the Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons Award, 2003.
Aaron Kwok's works have earned him a large following of fans, the respect of his peers and widespread popularity worldwide. Of all the performing arts at which Aaron excels, stage appearances remain his perennial favorite. In addition, Aaron Kwok has starred in various movies, television drama series and commercials.

Aaron Kwok a Hong Kong Dance Award presented by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance. Due to this unfounded success, Aaron Kwok toured again in 2005, receiving praise from both critics and audiences.
At the Taiwan's 42nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony on November 13, 2005, Kwok was the surprise winner of Best Leading Actor award for his role in the film Divergence. It was Aaron Kwok's first Golden Horse nomination and he pipped veteran Hong Kong star Tony Leung Ka-Fai to win the honour

aaron kwok
aaron kwok